Literary Analysis: A Raisin Of The Sun

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Raisin in the sun explains about dreams and the key people in the play work hard to accommodate their life oppressions. The play refers to the conjecture that Langston Hughes wrote on the poems about dreams that were never put into action. Capitalism was an exploitative system that gave the whites excessive supremacy and denied the blacks the necessities such as healthy environments, good homes, and job opportunities.

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The blacks are being murdered daily without problem both in the old ways and in new ways. The writer of the play, Lorraine Hansberry, was determined in telling the entire world about the white supremacy in the United States. She declared her willingness to denounce the oppression of the blacks and scold the prominent blacks who preached to the world on the advantages of United States democracy (Hansberry, 1984).

The youths in the play are poor blacks living in Southern Chicago. The only escape from poverty is $10,000 which Lena is given as life insurance after her husband passes away. The children too, each have plans for the cash. The oldest son Walter plans to invest in a liquor business, while the younger Beneatha plans to go to medical school. Lena has plans as well to purchase a home for the family and fiance the daughter’s education. The family lives in a very pressurized environment with financial constraints. The apartment is one-bedroomed, and they still share one bathroom. Walter’s wife finds out she is pregnant with her second child, and she attempts abortion. Beneatha is the source for new ideas that challenge the family’s infiltration. Also, Beneatha challenges the notions of race, culture, religion, and gender in the country. As a result, she dates two men with different aspirations. First is a wealthy African American who is her classmate. The second is a Nigerian from whom she learns much about her African heritage (Hansberry, 1984).

Walter’s has a purpose of pursuing the American dream. He has a good entrepreneurial spirit and a great urge to be successful. However, he has no intentions to challenging the current systems like his sister Beneatha. He wanted to progress faster and get into the high a higher class financially. Also, he does not find satisfaction in his job as Chauffeur. Walter wants to drive a nice car, get a big office and a beautiful office. All that he desires is a wealthy lifestyle. He is much idolized in power and wealth which creates a hunger for change within his inner self. However, challenges such as racism hinder him from achieving his dreams and hope. Although their mother Lena does not agree with the idea of a liquor store, she somehow realizes the importance of Walter’s plans (Hansberry, 1984).

After making payment for a family house in the neighboring households,

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