Literacy Analysis of “Animal Farm”

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George Orwell’s story is set on a farm named Manor Farm. The owner of this farm was Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones was a farmer who worked his animals very hard. Mr. Jones would spend his night’s drinking; due to his drinking, he would sometimes forget to feed his animals. While his animals often went without food, Mr. Jones would have feasts. The animals did not appreciate this treatment and lifestyle. The animals decided to do something about the way they lived. The animals wanted to get out from under the control of the farmer, Mr. Jones.

There was a dream, or vision, instilled into the animals of a better life. This life was built around the idea of revolting against Mr. Jones and living a better life. This dream was not only this idea of revolting against Mr. Jones, but the dream was also to revolt against all humans and being free of their control. The pig that had this vision was Old Major. At the beginning of the story, Old Major calls all the animals together to speak to them. Old Major tells the animals of his dream and vision for the animal population. The animals would finally be free of the human’s control. He told them that it would not be an easy task. In order to make this dream and reality was through hard work and unity. Old Major taught them a song called Beasts of England. This song quickly became their anthem and inspiration. A few short days later Old Major drew his final breath and died.

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After Old Major’s death, someone had to lead the animals and carry-out Old Major’s vision and dream. Three pigs: Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer took it upon themselves to make Old Major’s dream a reality. They transform old Major’s vision and ideas to create their own philosophy called Animalism. They quickly take action, formulate a plan, and put their philosophy into effect. One night the animals gathered together to run off Mr. Jones. The animals were now in control of the farm and they rename Manor Farm to Animal Farm. When Mr. Jones returns to take back his farm, the animals defeat him and drive him off.

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