Linguistic Autobiography

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I was born in Maywood, IL at Loyola Hospital and I was raised in Westchester, IL. My family’s language background is English. However on my father’s side I am Polish, yet I have never learned how to speak it or ever heard it from any of my family members on that side.

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As a baby the first voice I recognized the most was my mothers’. I recognized my own name, so anytime someone called out my name I would pop my head up. Babbling and gibberish came first then around the time I was 1 ?? years old I said my first words, which were mama and couscous (this was my so called version of the word pretzels.)

Being the first born so I was around my parents and my grandparents more than anyone else. My mother always read to me, then once I began learning how to read she would listen to me to make sure I was reading fluently and pronouncing everything correctly. And of course there was the occasional baby talk that I went through as well. The constant look at the little baby, and look how cute you are was a language itself. Being around my grandparents they loved to sit down and conversations with me. So I was able to pick up on their words and comprehend their use of dialect.

Throughout middle school and high school grammar was hammered into the curriculum. Teachers put a strong emphasis on nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and almost everything else that could be categorized into the subject of grammar. I can recall one of my teachers who said Grammar is the backbone of your reading and listening comprehension.

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