Limited Time Between The Nurse

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From the above literature review, it is evident that nurses play a significant role in the management of diabetes. One of them is that nurses Offer support services to the diabetes patients since self-management is a complex process which requires professional input. According to Bostrm et al (2014), the role of the professional nurse has been altered in order to offer a patient-centered care to the diabetes patients.

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It asserts that the role of the nurse has been subdivided into two main distinct categories which include ambivalence towards practicing patient-centered care and bolster relationships with the patient. This was based on three themes which include withdrawal from expertise, inconveniences of altering the routines as well as the insights that patient-centered care is hard to partake but it is possible to attain its objectives.

Furthermore, the authors indicated that nurses enrich diabetes patients with the courage to openly discuss the adverse effects of diabetes and ensure that there is close engagement between the patient and the nurse on a daily basis. Also, Moser et al. (2008) assert that self-management among the diabetes patients is a dynamic and complex process that is highly dependent on the unique life situation of an individual. Therefore, in order to achieve a better health outcome among the diabetes patients, there is a need for the diabetes specialist nurses as well as the caregivers to support the patient in self-managing diabetes condition. This helps in attaining quality health outcome among the diabetes patients due to the close relationships established.

Nurses also play a critical in educating the patients and other family members especially for the children with diabetes type 1. Children who are diagnosed with diabetes are hospitalized where the family members and the children will get initial diabetes education while in the hospital setting (Sy, V. (2016). As cited by Sy (2016), Nettles (2005) indicated that when the blood glucose of the children have been stabilized and acidosis corrected, the patient can be allowed to go home specifically after three days.

Due to the limited time between the nurse, the patient and the family members, it makes it hard to achieve the desired education that ensures effective self-management. The patient will, therefore, go home without adequate support hence making the transition to home difficult (Sy, 2016). Furthermore, according to Lawton (2009), it was not easy to achieve holistic acre among the diabetes patients as they perceive nurses as not always present for other health illnesses. This makes the patient not to take much attention to the guidelines given by the nurses since the reassurance by the healthcare professional helps them believe that their condition is well controlled.

Since the clinical nurse specialist is the only healthcare practitioner that is relied on for providing education to the patient and the family members,

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