Life Path Of Benjamin Franklin

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Most everyone did not like to go to school and learn as a child and some people have never wanted to try for education at all. Many people have asked themselves the question of whether or not to education and gaining knowledge is valuable. However there are some people who always loved to learn and expand their knowledge and Benjamin Franklin is one of those people. Ben demonstrates, through his autobiography, that he places value in learning and always sought to gain knowledge.

First off, Franklin loved to write and constantly strived to get better at it. He would spend all of his free time late at night and early morning to expand his writing skills. Ben would accomplish this through different methods such as writing something and then writing it again from memory, or looking at the things he liked about others writing and tried to incorporate it into his own. This is talked about in Franklinr’s autobiography when he states I thought the writing excellent and wished, if possible, to imitate it (11). This proves he enjoys the practice of writing because he is constantly trying to improve. More so however, it shows his value in gaining skill and knowledge because he did it all the time. It is this attitude that led Ben to so much success as an individual and it is unfortunate that most dont have it.

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Secondly, Benjamin also valued seeing others improve their knowledge. He loved to see others enjoying the same thing he did and he wanted to create a place or thing that would allow everyone who pleased to learn as much as possible.

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