Life Lessons In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a boy living in Afghanistan, and his journey throughout life. He experiences periods of happiness, sorrow, and confusion as he matures. Amir is shocked by atrocities and blessed by beneficial relationships both in his homeland and the United States.

To know if anyone will read the book, we think about various quesions. Is it a book that offers enjoyment? Is it a book that is thought provoking? Is it one that can be applied to any age? Kite runner is a story that can easily be related to every generation and enjoyed by all types of readers.

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The powerful story engages the reader by reminding them of freedom and the fight to achieve it. The readers, with the assistance of news channels, get a live look at situations and consequences similar to those that Amir faces in the novel. Readers are reminded that freedom does not come freely and they are captivated by a novel which shows them a world they have never seen. Americans have not experienced their freedom being taken away from them and that is why they become so riveted by The Kite Runner. They are reading about a circumstance that they know little about and they want to learn about it. The book offers glimpses and answers to questions, and that is what has led to its success. Success was not reached solely based on the informative nature; it is also backed by the easily relatable conflicts and life situations. Throughout life everyone experiences friends that come and go, decisions that are difficult, and situations that may end in heartbreak or joy. The closeness that can be applied to the events in the novel allow for a deeper connection to the characters and the storyline. The connection allows for an ability to really feel what Amir is experiencing and this connection urges the reader to continue reading. The novel is so affective because it describes a story which involves relationships and situations that people deal with on an everyday basis.

Everyone has friends and sometimes there are struggles with them,

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