Life During the Great Depression

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The American Great Depression was a period of financial instability and uncertainty for many people all across the nation. Unemployment and homelessness rates fell.(Laibman). Youth life during this time was very tough and brought many issues.

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The radio was not the only form of entertainment people had, but it was very popular during this time, and many people had one. Money complications created many headaches for almost everyone. Farmers were under a great amount of stress during the Great Depression, and many lost land. The pricing during this time was not comparable to the prices we have today. Life during the Great Depression was challenging and came with many problems; therefore, many people were not able to live the life they envisioned.

During the Great Depression, the economy of the United States was atrocious. At the start of the Great Depression, the financial system started to become very fragile. Many people were in debt, and businesses started to drop payroll. Because of this, citizens were not able to to pay off all of their debt, which left them in a bad predicament. Unemployment and homelessness began rising during this time, and the standard of living dropped (Laibman). In order to make a little bit of money, some people would work to maintain dirt roads for three dollars an hour (Musbach 34). The laws that were in effect during the Great Depression also had a big impact on the economy. Many people were protesting Prohibition, causing issues between the people and the government. Gangs ran speakeasies, which were illegal bars. Also, beer being sold during this time led to beer wars (Collins 116). Between the years of 1930 and 1938, the number of children that were five years old and enrolled in school dropped 17.3 percent. Within the same years, there was a 16.1 percent drop in kindergarten enrollment. One factor that played into these drops was the birth rate fall during the Great Depression (Collins 30).

Growing up during the Great Depression was a struggle for the children and parents. One of the responsibilities of the mother was to teach the children right from wrong. Although most children wanted to stay in school, many children had to drop out. One reason they had to drop out was to work in factories to help make money for the family (Thiel-Stern et al. 163). Another reason children couldn’t stay in school was because their family was moving around so much. Also, the lack of transportation, clothing, and money forced children to stay at home. Many children during this time wrote letters to the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, asking for help and necessities (Collins 29). Children also played games to keep themselves entertained. Popular games during this time included Cowboys and Indians (better known as Nazis and Soldiers during this time),

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