Lies and Deceit in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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There are many themes throughout Mark Twains novel, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, that makes this book appealing. However, the most important theme revolves around the lies and deceit that occurs from many characters. It is these lies and deceit that Huck and Jim use for their own protection and also each others, which ultimately lead to a real, sacred friendship that forms between the two.

Huck often lies throughout; however, they are all for a good purpose and for a specific reason. This leads to the analysis that Huck actually has different types of lies for different situations. For example, in chapter seven, Pap catches him with the gun and asks: What you doin with this gun? (Twain 124). In this situation, simply for Hucks own protection, he had to lie because if Pap knew what him and Jim was doing with the gun, he would get beaten as his punishment. This brings Huck to say, Somebody tried to get in, so I was laying for him. (Twain 124). Huck seems to gain confidence in telling lies as the story develops but he has a tough time trying to deceive Pap. This is shown when Huck states I haint got no money [ ] I haint got no money, I tell you. (Twain 118). Even though Pap knew it was a lie, we can see Huck trying to protect himself from his uncivilised father abusing him again. It is more of these protection lies that we see as the story continues and this is important as we start to see the growth of Huck and what he is willing to do to save Jim causing this sacred friendship.

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Not only does Huck lie for physical protection, but also to evade detection which ultimately keeps himself safe. In chapter seventeen when Huck gets spotted after faking his own death, he smartly thinks on his feet and lies, Its me. [ ] George Jackson, sir. Im only a boy (Twain 163). Since Huck got found he had no choice but to lie and make up his name after he faked his death which keeps him under the radar and allows him to carry on with his adventure. Not knowing what would happen from there on, Huck finds Jim once again. From the lie that Huck told, it has resulted in the reunion of the two, showing how the lie that was told, has ended up as Hucks and Jims gain. Huck uses detection further when he dresses up as a girl,

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