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My Technical Writing Company 55 North Letter Way, Anaheim CA 92801 September 06, 2010 Microsoft Corporation One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052-6399 Subject: Request to Use Screen Shots of Microsoft Products in User Manual Dear Sir/Ma’am: I am writing to ask permission to use screen shots of your software in order to create an illustrated user manual. I will be using the Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 and will be using screen shots of your products, with your permission, in order to make the manuals I am creating easier for people to follow and better understand. I would like to use screen shots in my manual to help explain any written text with images, as images are often easier to understand with written text. While the text will give them step by step instructions of the procedures, the images will be used to show them what to look for, so hopefully they will be able to better follow the procedures and make sure they are using the software correctly. Being able to see exactly what should be done will help make the users of the manual more efficient and less frustrated. I believe that doing so will improve the users experience with your product, and make them more willing to try Microsoft products in the future. I would like to thank you for your consideration on this matter. If you require any further information please contact me by email at [email protected] phoenix. edu or by phone at (555)555-5555. Sincerely, John Doe Rubric for Week 2 Individual Assignment: | |Letter to Microsoft | |12 points | |Content for Letter |Comments |Points Earned | |(6 points): | | | |Addressed to Microsoft; | | | |States clearly that writer wants permission to use screen shots | | | |of one or more Microsoft applications for a user’s manual;

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