Legal Implications of National Security and the threats at our Border

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Guantanamo Bay is a water body located in Cuba. It is familiarly known as regarding a military base in the Naval Base. It usually said to be a detention facility geographical located in Oriente province which is in southeastern part of Cuba.

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It is approximated to be 400 miles away from Miami in Florida. It is a United States prison that holds detainees from other nations that threaten people’s security so as to ensure there is peace amongst the people of different nations. Whenever countries border each other, it is of great importance to maintain peace and security within the borders. Subsequently this makes traveling safer and comfortable from one place to another. Maintenance of border security also ensures that movement of sensitive goods like weapons anddrugs is strictly restricted to authorized persons or organizations only. Both internal and external security promotes economic growth and stability, free movement of people across the borders as well as maintaining a nation’s autonomy. The United States have worked responsibly to protect its borders from any dangers since its borders several countries form instance Mexico, DHS and Canada. This has been through all technological means and the use of its personnel. The government through former president Barrack Obama set plans to have the Guantanamo Bay closed for security purposes. It has been targeted for closure by several parties. Since 2008 former President, Barrack Obama had set his plan to have it closed. His administration had set a plan to transfer some detainees to different countries and others to another facility in the U.S.A. immigration laws in the federal government bestows the responsibility of maintaining a safe and secure environment upon the government with assistance of the various states. Therefore federal government should ensure that its citizens are protected in their community within and even outside their land. (Yin, 2011)

This paper therefore seeks to investigate whether the Guantanamo Bay should be closed. The president has the powers to decide what they think best to be implemented as far as national security is concerned. The continued opening of the Guantanamo Bay prison is of much importance to the people since that every threat to their security is keenly checked. Nevertheless this adversely tarnishes the public image of the United States hence creating more enemies for it. This research paper will outweigh both the pros and cons of closing the facility based on arguments by different parties. Normally a prison should be a rehabilitation place where wrong doers are punished to correct the behaviors and become better people in the future.

By the time when this announcement of the closure was made by the president, most people in the Congress and lawmakers disputed this plan and strongly disagreed with the president.

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