Lee Harvey Oswald in Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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Lee Harvey Oswald was born on October 18, 1939 in the world renowned city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Oswald was born two months after his father’s death but grew up as the youngest of 3 siblings with a loving mother. After dropping out of highschool Lee decided it was time to serve his country as a U.S.

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Marine. After serving a couple of years as a marine and sharpshooter he was honorably discharged but not without his own damage. After serving some time near Tokyo, Japan, Oswald started to express pro-Soviet views and earned himself the nickname Oswaldskovich because of this. Some experts believe this is the starting point which lead to Oswald killing then president John F. Kennedy.

35th president of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Texas on the 22nd of November, 1963. It seemed like a normal day for the president, he was strolling around in his 1961 Lincoln Continental four door open-top limousine with his secret service pals behind and infront of him when pew, pew, pew! “Three shots in six seconds” (Bojczuk par 42). “As the country came to grips with the assassination, Johnson made sure the moment when he took the oath of office, about two hours after Kennedy’s death, was documented, so the nation knew a constitutional change of office had taken place” (Bomboy par 2). 45 minutes after J.F.K.’s murder, Lee Harvey Oswald would shoot and kill a Dallas police officer, he would then be apprehended at a movie theater by Dallas police.

While Lee Harvey Oswald did not officially receive a court trial for his actions there was a sufficient amount of evidence to present a case and there have been several court mandated mock-trials.

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