Leadership Styles in my Role

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Quality Mohandas Gandhi Mother Teresa Student
Personal Values
  • Forgiveness: he has forgiven those people who put him into jail and tried to assassinate him.
  • Learning from mistakes: when he was child, he lied and stole and too much focus on material things, but he just learn from his mistake and never made it twice. Finally achieved his success
  • Love but never hate: this value are only show on a great spiritual leaders, such as Christ and Buddha.
  • Live in present: he always focus on the task in hands, not wasting time on look back at the past or thinking things happen on future.
  • Non Violence: he never recommend use violence to solve, if human can solve their problem peacefully and without violent. Thousands of innocent lives can be saved.
  • Be kind: she said that kind words are short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.
  • Love and help others: she devoted all of her life to service of people who need help.
  • Do not give up:

Although she faced so many turmoil and challenges, but she did not give up.

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  • Live in present:

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has bot ye come, live in present. She lived out each day she had incredibly,

  • Forgiveness: she believes that without forgiveness we are not able to love.
  • Self-Discipline: always remind self to behave.
  • Learn from mistake: rethink after make a mistake and don’t happen again.
  • Be kind: be kind to everyone, and judge another person’s feelings by one’s own.
  • Enjoy the present: enjoy the everyday in my life.
  • Be thankful: feel thanks for everything I have and grateful the life I have.
Personal Beliefs
  • All religions are equal.
  • He believes in the power of truth and compassion for others.
  • Non-violence was the highest virtue, which means not just anti-violence, but also love all the life.
  • Celibacy and vegetarianism are important for achieving spiritual purity.
  • Hindu
  • Love and self-sacrifice: people should live in love and peace and share the love with others.
  • All religion leads to the same God.

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