Leadership Interview

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Based on the leadership skills of most of people in the diversity, it is clear that the interview has based on different people who have diverse views as per the ideas of the business diversity. Hence, to consider this we hold some of the great CEOs from around the rondure who have earned a lot of reputation from the matter of approval of all kinds of contextual in the business. In the interview one is supposed to understand the set goals of the business and some of the strategy which are meant for the organization in order to be able to embrace and manage it. As a leader one is supposed to be flexible and have competent skills in the mode of interaction with the company’s owners as they have prompt experience. Again, the leader should be self-motivated, organized, effective in communication and confident for the other employees to emulate who might be new in the business.

According to the mode of interaction with the people and physical expression have helped to be competent and be able to hire it through the brave part of interaction. Most of the business are based on executing profits and this might interfere with skills as they may not extract the exact outcome from it. My contribution as a leader in matters pertaining any business expansion needs teamwork and due to this have embodied a flexible interaction and corporation with employees to see its success. In this rationale, most of employees have followed my charismatic traits which has helped them to be self-motivated and feel free to interact and share more.

Team work is one of the leadership style that one is able to motivate others even under strict rules in the organization. Face to face dialogue with the employees can be the best skills that most of the leaders should deploy in any business ethics.

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