Leadership in The Odyssey

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In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus displays being a strong leader through his responsibility, courage, and brilliance while leading his warriors through calm and harsh times. Odysseus faces hard decisions at times, but his leadership never wavers. In Greek mythology, a strong leader defines as being respected by those he leads, he has logical thinking, and he shows bright ideas.

In the beginning of the story, Odysseus demonstrates his responsible character when making the heart-wrenching decision between his family or war. He has to decide between leaving his wife and newborn and possibly never seeing them again, or not fighting for his hometown Ithaca. This shows when Odysseus watches his native land disappear, Mine is a rugged land but good for raising sons, and I myself, I know no sweeter sight on earth than a man’s own native country (Homer 212). The passage explains that it is hard to watch his land go, but it is also saying bye to raising his family and his self as a person.

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Also, it is hard for Odysseus because his town looks up to him for being the leader of their island. Odysseus puts his personal life behind him and makes the decision to fight for his village. This decision shows that his responsibility of being a leader takes priority over his own life. He gives up the place of home and devotes his life towards warfare. Odysseus explains the ideal leader has to be responsible and put his life on the line to lead his warriors. Time and time again Odysseus shows responsibility when he is figuring out a way to get back to Ithaca,

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