Leadership And Gender Inequality

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A leader is a person whose capacity to manage develops, therefore, expanding his or her influence, and making him or her role model to others; this places him or her in the best position to unleash the potential of others as they conquer their own challenges (Trimm, 2015). With his or her ability to lead, he or she steps up to oversee and decide on what actions to take. According to Kase (2017), great leaders are great decision makers; they understand and manage their emotions by being reasonable and objective in making decisions that positively impact themselves, and everyone around them.

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Additionally, Maxwell (2018) expressed that leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

Empowering people is more powerful than commanding them to move towards a common goal. With these statements, a leader can simply be defined as a person who is rational in making decision, and is capable of implementing these decisions in such a way that would empower other to people to reach a common goal. As human beings gifted with reason and will, everyone, regardless of race and sex, have the capacity to think, to decide, and to act accordingly. Also, humans are social beings who belong to interpersonal relationships, and can communicate, relate, and empower others. While some abilities are innate in everyone, some have insufficiencies with these abilities. While there are people considered as ?born to be a leader’ and are naturally gifted with the aforementioned skills, others have ?disabilities’ or stereotyped as incapable of taking leadership positions. They are ?inferior’

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