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1) Identify the area of laws that are relevant to the chosen media report, and explain how they are relevant to the matters outlined in the report. This media article commentates about the link-up between the radio station of Macquarie Radio Network and that of Fairfax Media’s Radio Business. The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) authorized the merger.

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The ACCC encourages competition and legal and equitable trade in the market to profit businesses, the community and consumers. They are Australia’s competition regulator and National Consumer law champion (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2015). Administrative law In order for the merger to take place, it should undergo various processes. Each company should apply for a licence providing all appropriate details in order to be able to operate legally in the future. The body that is responsible for handling all the rules of the paperwork is the ACCC. These rules are known as the administrative law. To further explain, administrative law are those rules and regulations that govern the processes of any official decision making; in this case, application for the link-up of Macquarie Radio Network and Fairfax Media’s radio business. As this article reports, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has granted the proposal of the merger. This decision making process falls under the category of the administrative law. Furthermore it is also stated that the ACCC granted licences for Macquarie Radio in Sydney for radio stations 2CH, 2UE and 2GB. The licensing also falls under the administrative law. Consumer Protection Law Consumer protection law concerns the provisions government provides in order to help protect the rights of consumers while dealing with their supplies of goods or services. By considering the effects of this link-up on the radio advertising prices, quality of service delivered such as news and other radio programmes and variety of radio stations available for customers, the national competition regulator protected the rights of consumers. The ACCC made sure that despite this link up, customers will continue to benefit from a variety of radio programmes to choose from. Property Law The article quotes that Sydney’s 2UE, the 3AW of Melbourne, 4BC of Brisbane and 6PR of Perth will belong to Fairfax Radio and radio stations 2CH and 2GB will be owned by Macquarie Radio. Property law is all about acquiring private rights in goods and lands. In this case, both Radio companies own their respective radio stations and are therefore entitled under the property law. Trespassing of any private show will lead to legal consequences. The consideration of the contract is also a form of property law. As mentioned in the article, after the completion of the deal Macquarie Radio would own Fairfax Media’s radio assets and the latter would own 54.5 percent of Macquarie Radio. Contract Law There are various forms of contract law,

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