Law on Terror

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Brief : 191325 Delivery Date : 7/12/2006 Title: Counter Terrorism and Civil Liberties Brief Description a) Anti terror legislative tools (in Britain) and their compatibility with the national and international Human Rights regimes b) Rights and duties of the government in relation to protecting citizens as well as the fundamental human rights c) Is it really justifiable to compromise on the core democratic values while preventing potential terror threats? STANDARD DISSERTATION OUTLINE REQUESTED. DISSERTATION OUTLINE 1. Proposed Dissertation Title “Human Rights and the Law on Terror” or simply “The Law on Terror” (“Law on Terror” chimes neatly and appositely in this context with popular phrase “The War on Terror”) 2. Outline Research Objectives and Methodology The interface between counter-terror laws and the nation and international human rights matrices is of great contemporary importance and the subject of a huge amount of recent comment and analysis.

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As a consequence it is argued that that the internet should be utilised as the predominant information resource for this dissertation. The sheer scope and detail of information readily available on the internet relating to the law on terrorism is unrivalled by any traditional library. That said it is prudent to treat internet sources with a healthy caution, in particular in the technical field of the relationship between human rights and criminal law. Internet sources are of variable reliability material should be evaluated for credibility before used. It is a good policy to seek out secondary corroborative sources and follow up cited footnotes. Research in this field will also be facilitated by the use of a law library. The newspaper and periodical sections will offer contemporary analysis and other electronic data gateways and engines such as Westlaw UK, Lexis-Nexis[1] and Lawtel[2] will provide other pathways to information gathering. For example a AOL Google-powered search of the internet using the phrase “law on terrorism and human rights” returned 42,900 hits on United Kingdom websites and 1.06 million hits worldwide. Only a fraction of these will ultimately prove useful but such a search is a good starting point to identify research resources and options. The top rated UK hits include: “Terrorism v human rights: Where do you draw the line?”:,,27969-2091830,00.html; “Terrorism”:; “Terrorism & Human Rights”: “Q&A: Terrorism laws”: These hits were all drawn from the first page of hits and offer a useful example of the breadth of material available, with the first hit hosted by the Times newspaper, the second by the Liberty, the civil liberties pressure group, the third being a speech by the Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips, and the fourth provided by the BBC. Care must be taken to ensure that all resources utilised must advance at least one of the three identified research priorities of this work,

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