Law and Policy Considerations on Building Work

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  1. What is the meaning Certificate of Completion and Compliance?
  2. How to control of the building was done?
  3. What universal service provision system in communication systems and multimedia?
  4. Who has the power to investigate the commission of any fault?


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  1. Certificate of Completion and Compliance are certificate issued by building professionals such as registered Professional Architect with LAM, Professional Engineer registered with the LJM and / or registered Building Draughtsmen with LAM as the Principal Submitting Person. Certificate of Completion and Compliance replace toCFO[Certificate of Fitness for Occupation]. Act 1984 Uniform Building [Amendment 2007] [UBBL], which is responsible for monitoring the construction of the building process, to confirm that the building has been completed is safe and fit for occupation for which construction is in full compliance with the provisions of the law, approved building plan and also the conditions laid down by the PBT level approvals.
  1. Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) to help in determining the characteristics of a building needs in terms of safety, convenience and so on. the aim is for the construction of a control and meet the requirements and regulations set by the local authorities to encourage the construction of an uncontrolled and unsafe.
  1. In Section 202, the universal service provision system in communication systems and multimedia Minister can direct the Commission to determining a system to promote widespread use of network services atau112 Laws of Malaysia Act 588 applications services throughout Malaysia by encouraging installation of network facilities and provision of services networks or services in the areas of application underserved areas or for underserved groups within the community. The Minister may make regulations under section 16 for the implementation of this system.
  1. The Commission shall have the power to investigate the commission of any offense under this Act or any regulations made under. The Commission may, in relation to any investigation in respect of any offense committed in under this Act or any regulations made under it, exercise the special powers in relation to police investigation except that the power to arrest without warrant given by the Criminal Procedure Code [Act 593] for any fault can capture not be exercised by the Commission.

INTRODUCTION For as an overview of the current legislations governing building and construction industry in Malaysian, it is be a comprehensive discourse on all the laws concerning property development and construction. The specific review on the Uniform Building By-Laws, 1984 / Amendments 2007 that had undergone significant amendments, as well as touching on the principal Act 133 – Street, Drainage & Building Act, 1974 / Act A1286 –

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