Latino Developmen Of Type

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The objective of the research proposal in this paper is to analyze the development of type two diabetes in Latinos born in the United States, and/ or living in the United States for 3-5 years, and how it compares to the development of type two diabetes in Latinos born/ living outside the United States. Type two diabetes is described by the American Diabetes Association as follows,
[when] your body does not use insulin properly. This is called insulin resistance.

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[T]he pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for it. But, over time your pancreas isnt able to keep up and cant make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose levels normal. Type 2 is treated with lifestyle changes, oral medications (pills), and insulin.

A solution will be proposed accordance with the findings of how lifestyle choices based on birthplace enable or prohibit the development of type two diabetes. The research methods used will be utilizing the Arizona State University Online Library Data-Base to find primary sources as well as other well credited online secondary resources, and research papers, to gather information needed for the analysis. The class text Health Issues in the Latino Community will also be used as a source for information research.


It is well known amongst many Latino families that diabetes, specifically type two diabetes, is a disease that afflicts many families, and the Center for Disease Control (The CDC) says that as much as up to 50% if Latinos are likely to die due to diabetes, when compared to a white person. The CDC has also noticed that it makes a difference if a Latino person was born in the United States, or outside of the United States. It can be hypothesized that the disease would be prevalent in America, where dietary habits/ nutrition issues are a known problem, and an academic journal/ review by Sim?n Barquera, et al. entitled, Collaborative research and actions on both sides of the US-Mexico border to counteract type 2 diabetes in people of Mexican origin makes this hypothesis one of the research points the article focuses on. A quote from the article that demonstrates this can be seen here:

Diverse factors have been hypothesized to underlie these vulnerabilities [to diabetes], including genetic susceptibility, perinatal conditions including malnutrition and breast-feeding practices, adverse dietary and lifestyle patterns related to acculturation (high consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, processed foods and low physical activity), food insecurity and lower socioeconomic status, poor access to health services, receipt of poor quality healthcare services, communication barriers (such as limited literacy and limited English proficiency) [19, 20] and sub-optimal adherence to treatment recommendations.

The root of the diabetes epidemic in the United States seems to be theoretically based on acculturation and healthcare access barriers,

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