Latin American Revolution

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The Latin American Revolution

During the early 18th century the creoles played a major role in the Latin America revolution. Several countries were fed up with the Spanish control because of the reforms forced onto them. Keeping in mind this occurred while they faced oppression from the natives’ due to the fact they were not accepted as natives themselves.

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This on top of economic, social and political struggles sent them over the edge. The creoles wanted to be at the top of the social class for a change instead of at the very bottom and they thought independence would gain them power and the strength needed to defeat peninsulares.

As a result, the South American continent banded together to overcome Spain’s corruptive rule. The movements prospered under leaders Simn Bolivar (the Liberator) of the North and Jos de San Martin of the South. Following their efforts, came the independence these colonies had been waiting for. Majority of the region implemented sovereign nations and could now make their own decisions as they saw fit. Thanks to the creoles courage to stand up against the Spanish, Latin American countries got the chance to experience freedom!!


There were 4 major causes of the Latin American Revolution. First were the problems of the Spanish Empire. Starting with their political problems, the colonies were run by Spanish governors who were dictators. One person made all the rules and the rules were set up to benefit the Spanish governors which was not good. Spain had the first right to colonial goods and resources; therefore, all the goods went to Spain first. This made the colonies mad that they produced all these goods but could not even enjoy them. Colonies could only trade with Spain too, and they set all the prices for goods.

Quite a bit of racism took place towards people who were not blood born Europeans. In the social hierarchy, Native Spaniards (Peninsulares) were the highest class. The peninsulares made up a very small percentage of the population. Underneath them were the people of pure European blood who were born in the new world (creoles). Combing African + blood born Europeans (Mulattos) and Indian + blood born Europeans (Mestizos) made up the third class. Lastly came the pure Indians and Africans sitting at the bottom. They had no right or privileges and were shunned against by the rest of the community.

Another cause was the enlightenment (a new way of thought in Europe). The people believed God placed Kings in royal position and he was the only one. After being enlightened people thought the government was meant to be based on a contract between the king and the people. Rights of life, liberty and property were to be protected under any circumstances and if they were not,

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