Lack of Women Rights in Susan Glaspell´s Trifles

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In the 20t century women lived a very different life than they do today. They were looked at as just housewives who should do all the chores around the house, while men work then come home and get pampered. As a result of women slaving around the house, many of them turned into very sad and lonley people. In the play Trifles American playwriter Susan Glaspell stresses the fact how women are living in a patriarical society and as a ruselt they become very isolated and end up living very sad lifes.

Mrs. Wright lives a very lonley life. She lives with her husband Mr. Wright in their farmhouse. She does all the work around the house which is assumed by all men in this time period. Mrs. Wright also spends her days quilting and knotting. Thats all she really could do and as Mr Hale states Well, women are use to worring over trifles.(10) The trifles are the bird cage, the quilt and the dead canary in the pretty little box. Woman in general during that time period didnt have much to look forward to during their long days attending to their household and such. Unfortunatley Mrs. Wright is in an abusive relationship and she is mentally suffering from it. She is isolated from her friends and family. Mr. Wright is always ridculing her and she just takes it and minds her own business.

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Most women were treated this was and lived very similar lives as Mrs. Hale says I might have known she needed help! I know how things can be”for women.

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