Korean War and Korean War Veterans Association

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Korea Is a small country that is sure-enough far away. Korea is a country in central Asia between China and Japan. The unknowing of the Korean War was because most Americans didn’t know about it because it was between two wars World War Two and the Vietnam War.

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This caused the Korean War to not get that much sunlight on it. One organization that helps the veterans that fought during the Korean War is called the Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA), which spreads love to the veterans and their families and the widowed families. This conflict was a terrible loss for many families. The Korean War was unknown to people because of the war before it, so here is some awareness about the Korean War.

The Korean War

The Korean War started on June 25,1950 and ended July 27, 1953, it started when North Korea crossed the 38th parallel and attacked South Korea. While the Korean War was happening there were two sides that helped both Korean countries. On the South Korean side there was America and the United Nations while on the North Korean side there was China. When president Truman heard that South Korea needed help, Truman ordered U.S. troops to the aid of South Korea and asked if the United Nations could send military aid as well to South Korea. The reasoning, America contributed to the Korean War is because America didn’t want the spread of communist to happen like what happened in World War Two. When American troops came to help South Korea the first battle that happened was the Osan battle. In the long run the Korean War had many major battles that were significant in the Korean War and how the Korean War started and how it ended.

During the Korean War there were many battles happening. The first battle the American troops fought in the Korean is the Osan battle which happened on July 5, 1950. When this battle took place this was the first interaction that the American troops had with the North Korean troops. The outcome of the battle of Osan was that the American troops created a delay for the North Koreans to attack Pusan, South Korea. Another battle that actually made the Korean War was the first battle of Seoul. The battle of Seoul started on June 25, 1950, which was the North Korean troops crossed the border that separated both of the Koreas. When the North Koreans crossed the border they used a technique that the Germans used in World War Two which is called the blitzkrieg which is the use of using tanks, planes, and artillery while the North Koreans passed through a narrow road. The end result of this battle was North Korea capturing South Korea’s Capital.

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