Knowledge vs. Ignorance

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Knowledge vs. Ignorance

At the age of 18, Mary Shelley started writing the classical novel, Frankenstein. This novel was about a man named Robert Frankenstein that was infatuated with the thought of bringing the dead back to life.

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He studied *pseudoscience and soon started to construct a creature that was diverse than any other human. Frankenstein promptly started to regret this new creation and abandoned the creation to fend for himself. The creation was distraught by this and went to seek revenge against Frankenstein which. During the separation between Victor and his creation, the creation learned that he was an outsider of humanity and that he was not welcomed by anyone.

This resulted in him requesting a bride, or just someone who could give him affection which was greatly lacked in his life. Victor pondered the pros and cons of creation the creation a soulmate and decided on not finishing through with the plan and from this, it made the creation act out in anger and plan to ruin Victor’s life and everyone that held a place within his heart.* Knowledge was expressed as a negative characteristic and created conflict between the characters throughout the novel. Though knowledge was needed greatly in this novel, it brought out the ignorance and misuse of intelligence. The misuses of knowledge created the largest amounts of problems within the story and did not help any character, but potentially hurt them in the long run.

The meaning of knowledge vs. ignorance is when the power of knowledge and wisdom leads to poor choices. Many characters within the novel, Frankenstein were very intelligent and used that capability to their advantage. Knowledge allows you to comprehend your day to day tasks and allows you to inquire about life and the world around you.

Though this is a very important characteristic to have, it can also lead to many conflicts. It can lead to a desire of want and need which can lead to anger if something is not given when asked. It can also allow someone to adventure out into the world and discover things that could potentially become something dangerous and harmful. Knowledge is needed in daily life actions but digging too deep with your very own knowledge can lead to great devastation. Robert, Victor and the creation will learn throughout the book that knowledge can be a deadly characteristic when misused.

Robert Walton is a great example of knowledge vs. Ignorance because he did something that humanity had never done before during his time. He wanted to exceed humanity’s assumptions and do something that would have been thought of as unobtainable and insane. He was very strong on his views and would do anything to accomplish his need. Knowledge was need in his life and would go on crazy excursions to receive it.

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