Knowledge About Faith and Science

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What is the key to a successful knowledge in means of faith and science? How can assistance be that key to successful learning? In compliance with philosophy, people view faith andscience with different perspectives. Some may think that faith brings upon atrue reality, while others believe more in reasoning and logic. Faith may be portrayed as a tree that branches out with different opinions; one main topic can bring upon many different subtopics.

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Religiously, some people view faith asa belief and trust in God and His acts. Others may see faith as the exact opposite of logical reasoning, but not to a religious extent. Empirical scienceis the reliance on logical reasoning and evidence and this concept main lyconsists of people who believe that faith cannot bring a true reality, but scientific facts and observations can create that true reality. Although, these two concepts often contradict each other, there are ways that the topics have beneficially influenced each other towards a true reality. How can faith and science be considered beneficial when striving for truth? Perceptions of faith have altered over the past couple ofcenturies.

Philosophers continuously create different outlooks and contradictions to the ideas of others. Views of faith have become more detailed and specific with new ideas emerging from prior opinions. One philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard, brought upon the idea of existentialism, which can be defined as people containing the free-will to define themselves. Kierkegaard thoughts offaith in terms of leap of faith meaning that when given a difficult choice, aperson may have to take a chance when choosing a side, and then endure the possible consequences of that decision (Faith and Reason: Kierkegaard’s Legacyn.pag). Science has its similarities and differences with views on faith. Emerging from empirical science, is the well-known scientific method. The scientific method is a scientific discovery that turned minds once again to materialism.(Velasquez 158). The scientific method begins with a fact, or a claim that contradicts some theories from philosophers. The method continues to go through many steps to narrow the focus of the subject to analyze and observe any empirical proof or evidence, and come to a final conclusion. Some people view science evidence as the only way to reach the truth, others believe that faithis the only path to a true reality, and then some others believe science and faith assist each other when looking for a true reality. The concepts faith and empirical science may conflict with each other many times, but in some ways they have proven to work together while striving for a true reality.

What are the theories empiricism, rationalism, and foundationalism and what do the concepts consist of? Empiricism determines a person’s knowledge by personal sense experiences. Empiricism’s development was assisted by the following philosophers: John Locke, George Berkeley,

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