King Louis XIV

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King Louis XIV was also known as the sun king. He was a positive force for the country of France. He is regarded as the most incredible king who took France to another level through revolution.

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He respected the people and took full control over France. He had a good experience especially in war fields and military. He built a palace and allowed the nobles to stay with him so as to keep an eye on them. This implies that he was very wise and this gave him a lot of respect. Louis XIV was a positive force for the country of France as he viewed himself as the central point of the life of the people. He showed this by building a hospital for the less privileged and the poor in Paris With this he elevated the mystery that was experienced in the capital and reduced public begging. In addition, he created the first Civil General hospital which served as a means of both therapeutic and social providence. The Civil General Hospital marked one of his greatest advancement. Also, he got rid of the street beggars and took them to the hospital. The king was a protectionist and this set a positive force for the country. He protected the game. This is seen when he issued an order that formed a royal dominion of the forest. This prevented all the peasants and the merchants from hunting any kind of game. Apart from that, the king showed a lot of compassion and concern for the soldiers who served and protected him so faithfully with loyalty. He instructed an architect to build him a hospital for the disabled who had been condemned to begging life during those times.

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