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Killing of Dolphins

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Here is the topic: Many people in Japan strongly believe that hunting dolphins has been a part of the culture, and non-Japanese cannot criticize their practice. Their opinion is that many Westerners eat meat, so they are being hypocrits for criticizing Japanese for eating another kind of meat. Do you agree with Japanese, or do you disagree? What are your reasons for your opinion? I strongly disagree. * Dolphins have very high mercury levels * Mercury is a known cause of birth effects In 2010, hair samples from 1,137 Taiji residents was tested for mercury by the National Institute for Minimata Disease. The average amount of methyl mercury found in the hair samples was 11. 0 parts per million for men and 6. 63 ppm for women, compared with an average of 2. 47 ppm for men and 1. 64 ppm for women in tests conducted in 14 other locations in Japan. * The Japanese town of Taiji on the Kii peninsula is as of now the only town in Japan where drive hunting still takes place on a large scale. In 2007 Taiji wanted to step up its dolphin hunting programs, approving an estimated ? 330 million for the construction of a massive cetacean slaughterhouse in an effort to popularize the consumption of dolphins in the country * an increase in criticism and the considerable toxicity of the meat appears to be achieving the opposite * Taiji's bid to expand their school lunch programs to include dolphin and whale meat brought about much controversy. An estimated 150 kg (330 lbs) of dolphin meat was served in Taiji school lunches in 2006.

In 2009, dolphin meat was taken off school menus because of the contamination * Dolphins are top predators in Japan * Primary or apex predators can actually benefit prey populations by suppressing smaller predators, and failure to consider this mechanism has triggered collapses of entire ecosystems. * Cascading negative effects of surging mesopredator populations have been documented for birds, sea turtles, lizards, rodents, marsupials, rabbits, fish, scallops, insects and ungulates. The economic cost of controlling mesopredators may be very high, and sometimes could be accomplished more effectively at less cost by returning apex predators to the ecosystem. * Human intervention cannot easily replace the role of apex predators, in part because the constant fear of predation alters not only populations but behavior of mesopredators. * Large predators are usually carnivores, but mesopredators are often omnivores and can cause significant plant and crop damage. The effects of exploding mesopredator populations can be found in oceans, rivers, forests and grasslands around the world. * Reversing and preventing mesopredator release is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive as the world's top predators continue to edge toward obliteration * We aren’t attacking their belief, dolphins are top predators and as a result messes with the ecosystem; plus they contain high mercury levels which cause

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