Key Points In Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, written in 1797 and published in 1813.


In the book, Pride and Prejudice, some themes are pride blinds our eyes when we judge, truth is not always apparent, and marry for love not wealth, which is Austen’s worldview as well. Austen showcases the first theme in Eliza and Darcy’s relationship with one another. Eliza is too proud to fully see the motive of Darcy’s actions and instead dismisses them before fully understanding.

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Secondly, the next theme perfectly describes Wickham and Eliza. At first, Wickham is this dashing solider who is generous and charming. However, Eliza learns more about him and his true nature, but he is still able to fool others, especially Lydia who becomes his wife.

Finally, Austen’s worldview: marry for love not wealth. While there are examples of relationships following that, Austen also includes the other side of the coin. The relationships in high standing of that are Eliza and Darcy, Jane and Mr. Bingley; however on the other side there is Wickham and Lydia, and Charlotte and Mr. Collins. Within the themes, Austen criticizes the way people act and their reasoning behind it. She also criticizes the time, poking fun at the social classes and the pursuit to find financial security, rather than love.


  • Elizabeth Bennet: Main character. Most intelligent of the five kids and very quick-witted.
  • Jane Bennet: Eliza’s sister, oldest Bennet child. Reserved, pretty, and well liked.
  • Mary Bennet: The middle child, sensible, and a know it all.
  • Catherine Kitty Bennet: Second youngest child, coughs a lot for attention.
  • Lydia Bennet: The youngest child, most like Mrs. Bennet, and is a red coat chaser. Runs away and marries Wickham.
  • Mr. Bennet: The girls father; favors Eliza because they are both sarcastic and skeptical. Not a good parent: ignores their concerns with life and marriage.
  • Mrs. Bennet: Obsessed with marrying off her girls. A silly woman who talks a lot.
  • Fitzwilliam Darcy: A wealthy man, nephew of Lady Catherine. In love with Eliza.
  • Georgiana Darcy: Darcy’s sister, pretty and shy. Almost married Wickham when he took her away, but Darcy stopped it.
  • Charles Bingley: Darcy’s best friend and in love with Jane.
  • Miss Caroline Bingley: Bingley’s obnoxious sister who hates Eliza because she wants to marry Darcy.
  • George Wickham: A handsome solider who seems nice, but is a mercenary.
  • Mr. Collins: The Bennet’s cousin who will inherit the property. A clergyman for Lady Catherine, who he is in love with.
  • Lady Catherine De Bourgh: A noblewoman, who is rude and does not follow the rules of etiquette.

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