Kennedy Mayfield Mr. Janes and Mrs. Moreland

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Approximately 1.3 people joined the military in 2017. (Myers). Many citizens know their rights but what about their responsibilities? Like going the speed limit and serving when needed? Many citizens speed when late to work but won’t join the military when were losing a war or in major need of help. Citizens responsibilities are just as important as their rights. However, most citizens are uniformed.

Many Americans believe war is wrong and are protesting against it and the country. As American citizens we all have the responsibility to defend the country if the need should arise. 15 million people across 800 cities protested the 2003 invasion of iraq and 59% of americans believe their elected officials send our troops into harm’s way too often (Rangel). This is an example of citizens not being informed of their responsibilities. But, changing that might not be very hard.

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Americans protesting war are not following their civic responsibility to be informed and defend the constitution. The 3.3 million military households representing less than 1% of american families have begun virtually military class who are unfairly and disproportionately carrying the burden of war. Logically, if all americans are involved in our defense then every family will fully engage in any decision to use force. Consequently, force will only be used as a last resort. (Rangel).

If citizens know their rights but not their responsibilities that could mean trouble. While most people know exactly what they are doing when they broke the law some could be completely confused when they get arrested for something they had no idea was illegal.

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