Kafka’s metamorphosis

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Austrian writer Franz·Kafka ( 1833 – 1924 ) is one of the greatest writers in the history of German literature in the 20th century, the originator of western modernist literature, the representative figure of expressionist literature and one of the founders of postmodern literature. U.S. playwright W H Auden said before: ” As far as the relationship between the writer and his time is concerned, Kafka is the first person who can be compared with Dante, Shakespeare and Goethe, because his predicament is the predicament of modern people.” The short story Metamorphosis, published in 1912 and 1915, is one of Kafka’s most classic works.

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The novel tells the story of a small clerk who woke up to become a beetle. Kafka described a shocking event with a cold tone as normal but happening again. The boundary between ” reality” and ” absurdity” has mysteriously disappeared in The Metamorphosis. Following the horrible strokes of the absurd master, I really felt the anxiety and fear of the hero Gregor after he was deformed, and felt the suffocation and loneliness surrounded by human feelings and deserts. At the same time, Ruminant’s Metamorphosis also told me to smell between the lines the author’s ardent expectation for truth, goodness and beauty and his constant call for freedom and self – esteem. All this forced me to face up to absurdity and seek the truth of human nature behind absurdity while shaking. What makes a natural person who is born with good intentions and pursues perfection become a beetle, what makes a harmonious and orderly world distorted and unreasonable, and what makes all these gloomy and bizarre plots so real, starting with the definition of human nature – 1.

Talking about ” Human Nature View” It goes without saying that the difference between human beings and animals is the key issue in exploring the concept of human nature and the first issue that must be solved in positioning and interpreting the word ” human nature”. According to theistic ideas such as Christianity and Islam, human nature is the human nature of God’s special creation. The most prominent features of human nature are faith in God and adherence to stable social rules. In short, human nature is the special morality and duty of human beings different from all other creatures. The research theory of modern atheists says that human beings have evolved from animals, and the closest relatives of human beings are primates. Marxist view of human nature clearly points out that ” free and conscious life activities are the fundamental attribute of human beings. All – round demand is the ultimate goal and fundamental motive force of human existence and development. The manifestation of human nature is the sum of all social relations, including the natural attributes of human beings. ” To sum up,

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