Juvenile vs. Adult Criminal System

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Due to the advance of youth development age and impact of frequent acceptance of the violence culture. The violence behavior carried by the minor under age 18 gradually increased which not only affects the victims but also jeopardizes the community. Therefore, the issues and debate around the how to punish the juvenile was been bring up again.

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Should they be treated as an adult and sentenced to life in prison if they committed murder? My answer is no. The first juvenile court established in Cook County by 1899 and further spread led the formation of a juvenile justice system. Which shows the whole world paid close attention to juvenile crime and had noticed the essential difference between the adult and juvenile crime. Here are three difference between juvenile and adult crime we should take into count when dealing with the juvenile case – brain, rehabilitation ability, and surrounding influence.

First, the juvenile is in a transitional period between childhood and adulthood. In this period, they enter the social world little by little. Because of their immature view of life, values and the world, they are easy to be affected by the circumstances and follow some bad examples. Compared with an adult, juvenile crime shows an obvious feature of passive and occasional. The jurors, by returning a verdict of second-degree murder instead of first, indicated that they believe Brazill’s actions, while not accidental, were not fully thought out, either. Although, taking the effects of misconduct and its motivation into consideration is crucial for ensuring the justice of the law. There should not be tolerant punishment for all youth crime.

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