Juvenile Justice Research

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1. American Psychological Association Style Citation:

Gonzales, Alberto., Schofield, Regina., Schmitt, Glenn. (2005) Co- Offending and Patterns of Juvenile crime. Pg 1-15

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this research article is to show that most of the crimes committed by juveniles are co- offending crimes. This means crimes that are committed by one or more people. While reading this article I noticed they specifically focused in on co- offending is related to the age of the offenders, recidivism, and the violence of the crime committed. In the article they go deep into the reasons that juveniles are more likely to commit co- offending crimes through various studies. I believe that this article was written to show that there are various factors that lead into juveniles committing crimes. Also, another reason I believe this paper was written is to bring light to possible solutions to this problem. We know the reasons behind why juveniles are committing crimes. Now we have to find ways to get to the perpetrators before they get into trouble with the law.

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3. Hypothesis/Research Question:

The author did not state a hypothesis. The research was to investigate the reasons behind why juveniles are likely to commit co-offending crimes. In this paper the author dives into several studies done that show the connection to age and co-offending, co-offending and recidivism, and violence and co- offending.

4. Method:

In this article the author used a study from the National Institute of Justice (NIOJ). Another report came from the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics. The study in this case contained the criminal histories of a random sample of juvenile offenders. In this case when they looked into if violence is learned the sample size contained 400 people who had not committed a violent crime before committing a crime with others. Also used was a report from the Supplemental Homicide Reports (SHR) and statistics from the Bureau of Justice (BJS).

The topics that were focused on in this study were as follows: Why consider co-offending, How age is related to co-offending crimes, how co-offending is related to recidivism, how co-offending is related to violence,

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