Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act

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Everyone wants to protect a child, but what if that child broke the law? This child’s life is about to change forever. There are many precautions and laws that are enacted to protect a child even in jail. Children who commit crime are also responsible for their actions.

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For children crossing paths with the criminal justice system certain laws are put into place to ensure the safety of the children. In 1974 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act was put into place, but only authorized in 2002. This states that all children involved in criminal courts are protected federally when placed in their care. This ensures the safety and privacy of those children.

In 1974 congress enacted the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention act. The purpose of this act where to support local states and jail programs with the aim to deter juveniles involved in delinquent activity. It continues to emphasis the publics safety. And lastly to promote effective programs for combating juvenile delinquency. In 1974 separation of jails for inmates were established along with the act. JJDPA receives funds to improve state and local programs. The office of the JJDPA are also provided training for things like; technical assistance, research and evaluation, model programs. The OJJDP works with families, children, and members of the community to prevent delinquency and to enhance public safety.

The JJDPA consist of four requirements; starting with Denationalization of status offenders or DSO for short. DSO states that status offences committed by a juvenile that under the law is not the same for adults. These are considered statues offences. The most common status offence are; possession of alcohol and/or tobacco, violation curfew, running away and truancy (JuvJustice.org).

Adult jail and Lock up removal. this focuses on removing juveniles from adult jails and detention facilities (JuvJustice.org). Juveniles are not allowed to be detained in adult jails after court hearings or weekends and holidays.

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