Juvenile Gang Members in the United States

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Juvenile gangs in America have become more prevalent and organized than any other time in our history. Juvenile gangs have evolved over a period of time to become some of the most plague group of individuals in our communities. Youth gangs are made up of young individual, male or female, and are typically formed for protection amongst other gangs, or based from social and economic status.

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These juveniles are looking for something that they may not get from the household. Acceptance, security, or means of earning money which is a source that gangs are able to supply. Juvenile gangs have evolved over a period of time, and will continue to grow if not ceased.

Adolescent gangs began in the early 1800s while during the American Revolution as immigration and population began to shift. When cities experienced immigration and industrial development in the latter part of the nineteenth century, organized adolescent groups heavily involved in crime that can be identified as gangs were reported to be active in New York, California, Boston, Chicago. Disorganized aggregations of the children of immigrants from Ireland and Italy roamed the streets of their neighborhoods, largely as disorganized groups engaged primarily in petty forms of property crime, and directing violence against one another, and members of rival gangs. Throughout the years juvenile gangs have spread amongst the United States toward the West and South to form throughout the rest of the states. Drug and criminal operation began to evolve past the petty crimes that were being committed, and turned to the early seventies drug, crack cocaine. The urban gangs grew in the 1970s and expanded dramatically throughout the nation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. (Bartollas & Miller, 2016).

Juvenile gangs in Texas are at the highest that it has ever been. The National Crime Victimization Survey has recorded that these juvenile crimes are being committed the most by juveniles age 12 to 18 years old, and these same juveniles are not academically involved or involved. Texas faces the issue of juveniles not performing well in the school system, schools are not able to have an early prevention when youths get involved with gangs, especially when peer pressure amongst students play a role in criminal behavior. A child’s delinquent behavior is consistently associated with delinquent behaviors of those that they spend time with. Peers influence a child’s behavior more than parents during their teenage years.Texas is not the only state that has a major problem with juvenile gangs, but California is experiencing the highest rate of juvenile gangs compared to any other state. California deals with juvenile gangs that are highly involved in abusing substances, violent sexual abuses, and consistent drop- outs. The youth gangs are attributing to violence and unsafe atmosphere in the California schools,

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