Justification of the American Revolution

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Justification of the American Revolution

In the mid-1700s, the thirteen American colonies launched an uprising which was aimed at gaining independence from Britain. The Americans were questioning Britain’s authority and this had begun as early as the French and Indian war . The Americans were in every right, aspect as well as mind to take action against the British.

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The choice of rebelling against the British through launching a war against them was the only choice they had. The diplomatic steps taken before had ceased to stand a chance against the brutal Britain. The American had used diplomatic means like sending letters to the Britons, an option which didn’t bear fruits. Hence, this was a good reason to indicate that the Americans were justified to launch a rebellion.

The Americans were justified to launch a revolution because the Britons were making laws which would take away certain rights from the people. Britain didn’t use her power in such a way that it would benefit them and the American people. They took control of what the people could and couldn’t trade with. The laws were good ideas to the king, but not the best to the Americans. Hence, the British were missing this aspect in their colony and this led to the American Revolution. The Americans wanted to relieve themselves from these oppressive laws from the Britons.

Additionally, the American Revolution was justified because of a massacre which was carried out by the Britons. Research shows that the Americans completely changed the way they viewed Britain. The picture of how the massacre occurred shows that winning the hearts of the Americans again would be very difficult. It occurred in such a way that the Britons randomly fired on the crowd, not just a particular area. The picture indicates that the British were very organized and out to kill the Americans . A simple picture shows that the British troops had a desire to kill people and this can been seen from their organization.

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