Julius Caesar ‘s Young Life

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Julius Caesar was not Rome’s first emperor , but his name still reins as it is a name that is remembered by the world to this day. Julius is a an exceptional role model in leadership. Throughout his fifty-six years of life, he has accomplished an astronomical amount of achievements, one of them is becoming the dictator of Rome. The four main milestones are his early life, becoming political, the civil war, and when he became the dictator of Rome.

It was said that son of Gaius and Aurelia Caesar, Julius, was born on July 12 or 13 on the year 100 BC in Subura, Rome. Julius had some advantages over his peers growing up. His dad gained moderate political success and the Caesar family had a long line of noble history, which inturned had the Caesar family form some entitlement to some traditional and or sacred privileges no other experiences on a daily basis. Despite the privileges he had growing up, he still had a normal education. Once he completed school, at the age of 25 he was abducted by Cicilian pirates in the Aegean sea. The pirates asked for a ransom of 20 talents of silver (approximately 620 kg of silver, or $600,000 in today’s silver values), Caesar laughed at their faces. They didn’t know who they had captured, he said, and demanded that they ask for 50 (1550 kg of silver, or $1,500,000), because 20 talents was simply not enough. Of Course they took his significant upgrade of an offer. It took Caesar’s associates about 38 days to gather the money and take it to the pirates.

Meanwhile Caesar was left alone with two servants and a trusted individual to guard him. Caesar refused to cower and treated the ones responsible for maintaining supervision on him as if they were his own subordinance. He went as far as demanding that no one shall talk whenever he decided to sleep. To keep himself occupied, Caesar would write and make his poetry. He would often recite it to the pirates. Caesar also participated in games and exercises with the pirates, generally acting as if he wasn’t a prisoner, but rather, their leader. The pirate quickly learned to respect Caesar and let him do more or less what he wanted on the island and ships. Even though Caesar was friendly to the pirates he announced to them that once the ransom was paid he would hunt them down and have them crucified. Once Caesar was released, the first thing he did was gather up some people to form a small fleet for his retaliation. The pirates did not take his threats seriously, so they chose to stay making it easy for Caesar to find them one more.

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