Journalism Ethics

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Within the journalism community, Journalists feel the need to uphold specific ethical standards. The Society of Professional Journalists created a Code of Ethics broken up into 4 specific subsections. These sections include guidelines on truthful reporting, accountability, sensitivity towards specific topics, and independence.

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Since journalism is a profession that deals with ethics on a day to day basis it is important to highlight such standards. Truthful reporting- Collecting facts in a legal and formal process are important to any journalist. In addition, a journalist should always continuously check their stories incase their facts or sources change over time. Journalists should also be able to allow their sources to go unamend if it means protecting them from physical or other harm. It is also to beware of slander when writing about a source. A journalist should always present a story that has multiple sources and have information from the accused as well.

Accountability – Journalists play a role in uncovering the truth and by doing so, readers can continue to support them knowing that they are getting knowledge from a credible source. Journalists should be willing to answer questions that people may have about their writings, as well as owning up to their own mistakes.

Sensitivity – It is important for journalists to be empathetic towards their subjects and the topics they choose to report on. Many times people will not want to comment on horrible events, or when they do, it is important for a journalist to not be too insensitive. It is also important to understand how to respectfully get information from people from different cultural,

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