Jonathan Kozol

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The introduction of the book is about the teachings of Kozol. He gives examples of the disintegrated schools that are named after people back in history, and he gives examples of Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall. The basic mobility of the Negros originates from a smaller to the group to a bigger group, however, in the present era, they are in dire efforts to move at the suburbs and at the long run they don’t progress .Children are instilled with a precipitous attitude of achievement by the disintegrated schools, though in vain as the society has no confidence in the doctrine.

In chapter three Kozol dates back to a social critic Lord Action who made it across that the American parents are found of giving and allowing their children have whatever they require maximizing their competitive nature at the highest of levels. The author is sad, however. He views education and points the extreme unevenness on the distribution of resources and knowledge in general. The children emanating from poor families are consequently robbed and cheated out of a future through, underfunded, underequipped and understaffed schools in the inner cities of the United States. The children are mostly non-white and live among crime and poverty.

In chapter four, Kozol creates a micro view of the emphasis the teachers put on children to prepare them for job entries soon after graduation, which include teachers assigning Job-related tasks to learners. He gives an example of a culinary art student who was trapped despite his academic prowess. The academic promises and excellence is not always the determinant of a successful future. In chapter five, the emphasis is on standardizations and the effects of the inner city schools. Numbers are everything regarding the funding and donations in the schools. The ability to keep this door open has morphed in organizations with the subject matter being to show up the standardized tests.

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