John F. Kennedy – The 35th President of America

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John F. Kennedy is the thirty-fifth president and was also an active advocate of civil rights in America. As one of the presidents in the U.S.

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history have been assassinated, John F. Kennedy is well known for many events such as Cuban Missile Crisis, the Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, the Alliance for Progress and his own assassination. After President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963, Dallas people have faced troubles while traveling around the country for many years. Sometimes, because of their origin, people denied to service them. The book Dallas 1963 written by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis a mesmerizing piece of work about all the problems that go around that times. I will examine eight points based on the book Dallas 1963.

Dallas, Texas was founded in 1841 has become one of the largest metropolitan areas in the Southern United States. However, back in the 1960s, Dallas is not as open as it is today. During this time, Dallas was full of racism and there are many combining angry forces in Dallas and throughout the South. The authorities such as governors, senators, even the mayors still rally to resist many things: the revolutionary integration edicts ordered by federal government, by the Supreme Court, by political forces in the North, and so on. Almost Dallas people are innocent and a bit of na??ve, hopeful, and ill-informed. They are looking for someone or something that will give them a purpose of life.

The leadership in Dallas fear communism, civil rights, and particularly John F. Kennedy. Because to most of them, President Kennedy was viewed as a danger in the Southern of United States, not because he was potentially soft on communism but because of the civil rights issue. Most of Southerners in 1963 still belonged to Democratic Party. Therefore, the Dallas people in the opposition of President Kennedy. In fact, contradicted feelings toward him in Dallas and among southern white people generally.

Martin Luther King was born and raised in an activist family. Therefore, his view about the society has a great influence from them.

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