John F. Kennedy One of Greatest U.S. Presidents

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President John F. Kennedy is arguably one of Americas greatest U.S. Presidents.

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Elected in 1960, he brought an energy and grace to the Oval Office (John F. Kennedy: World War II Naval Hero to President). John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated in Houston, Texas on November 22, 1963. He was commonly known by his initials, JFK. John F. Kennedy possessed many qualities that helped him become a great President. He had incredible charisma, was highly competitive, a risk taker and he was very courageous. claim When President Kennedy was assassinated the United States became immediately immersed in a state of mourning for this great leader.
John F. Kennedy was full of charisma. This was definitely part of his leadership style. He was able to win over the people of the United States with his charm and become one of the most well known Presidents.

In an essay written concentrating on JFKs leadership qualities, it was written, What makes a charismatic leader different from others is his vision to encapsulate obedience of the followers. Using unconventional methods allows a charismatic leader to convince followers that they are not the ?normal leaders-they are new, different, and inspiring. Trust and credibility comes from the willingness of these people to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of people and organizations. Charismatic leaders usually have high follower expectations, and are able to encourage these expectations by using unconventional behaviours to establish credibility, sensitivity, and appeal (John F. Kennedy and His Leadership Style History Essay).

A study of President Kennedy and his many traits could not overlook his competitive nature. One of the most common personality traits found among presidents is a highly competitive nature. This makes sense, as any person who wants to become a president has to be constantly striving towards the top. As a result of wanting to be president, John F.

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