John F Kennedy in American History

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John F Kennedy was a young boy who knew he would be someone important in life. Like his father, Joseph P Kennedy, John was expected to become a great political figure. Having to live up to his fathers expectations and being compared to his older brother, Kennedy faced several challenges leading up to his legacy.

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His legacy would later be a significant milestone in American History. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917, John F Kennedy grew up as a typical child. During his years of primary school, he was very well known by his classmates. His grades were not the best for the expectations he was given, but they were good enough to get him into Harvard. After World War II started, Kennedy joined the Navy, where he was known after as a war hero for saving his crew in 1943. After returning home he ran for House of Representative for the state of Massachusetts. During Kennedys time as a representative, the world was experiencing the Cold War. He served for six years while going through an illness.

John F Kennedy was diagnosed with Addisons Disease, but this information was never given to the public to know. I believe Kennedy did not want the information of his illness to be out for the public knowledge because he wanted to be known for more than that and more on his goals as a politician. John F Kennedy knew he was more than just a representative of his home state. This motivated him to run for Senator for Massachusetts. He won the election in the year 1952 against Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. As a senator, I believe the best thing that happened during this time for Kennedy was his marring to Jacqueline Bouvier. Jacqueline will be later known as one of the most famous and inspirational First Ladies. She inspired generations to come to become a great nation. In 1956, Kennedy inspired a nation with his writing. He wrote a best-selling book that won an award in 1957. The book, Profiles in Courage, described the experiences eight Senators had while going through their years of office. This book was so well known because it gave the inside look into the lives of the men who were running the nation. Kennedy and the other senators were forced to vote and act a certain way because of the political parties they were associated with, despite their actual views regarding the subject.

During his six years of a senator, Kennedy became a major figure for the democratic party. The Cold War was still a significant issue, as the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union was rising. However, John F Kennedys approached to these issues in the Senate did not go unnoticed.

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