Jimmy John’s Company

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1. Based on your understanding of this case, what possible reasons could Jimmy John’s management have for adopting this policy? If you were the HR manager at Jimmy John’s what pros and cons would you point out to management in terms of the effect of having this policy?


The world we live in today is so full of competition in the market place. It therefore requires company owners as well employees to find new ways of coping up with such competition. This was the same case for Jimmy John’s company which yearned to ensure that all their competitors do not get any chance of knowing how they got to make their own type of sandwiches. It is well known that the employees at Jimmy John’s have a vast knowledge on how to prepare the products. They also have a closer relationship with the customers hence making it easier for them to easily double-cross Jimmy John’s and make their way in the same line of market. Due to this, the company has laid out several rules and laws that would prevent the employees from stating up businesses with competition that is directly linked to Jimmy John’s.

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Within any running company, the adoption of a new policy would likely lead to the rise of demerits as well as merits. This was also the case in Jimmy John’s. The demerits for John’s is that it prevents its employees from establishing any business of their own that would be in the same line with Jimmy John’s. Another demerit is in the ability of the company to ensure that all their customer’s secrets are secured and safeguarded. Preventing other companies taking part in the same line from employing its employees is also another demerit for Jimmy John’s. It contributes to the loss of jobs for many. Apart from the rise of merits and demerits, the application of new policies in a company would also lead to the generation of consequences. As for the case of Jimmy John’s, the consequence is that the company would be taking a huge risk in laying out its confidentiality to the legal suits and this could destroy how customers as well as the public at large view the company’s reputation and image. An example of a case that would lead to this is when the public gets to realize that Jimmy John’s prevents all its employees from starting up businesses of their own in order to curb any competition that might give rise. This is policy simply does not have any logic and sense in it.

In addition, another demerit finds its way for the company when personnel who are very much qualified for a job resort to not taking it up due to discouragements they face. There is not a single person whom when he or she gets to retire from working for a particular company,

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