Jim Crow Laws and Racial Segregation

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The Jim Crow laws were the initial starting point that would later cause chain reaction for the creation of the NAACP. The Jim Crow laws began after slavery became abolished, leaving an unsatisfactory outcome for white supremacists after the Civil War. The loss created angry white elites to start terrorist groups, like the KKK, which aimed to make sure reforms could not be possible.

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Although slaves were considered free, the Jim Crow laws were used to maneuver over the newly appointed Amendments of the Constitution. This allowed the start of racial segregation and even more mistreatment towards all African men and women. By 1909, the NAACP was created for the purpose of fighting against segregation in both the North and South. Activists such as A. Phillip Randolph threatened the country with a march against racism. This did not fully mitigate until about World War II, where President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued an executive order that would ban racial discrimination during times of war.


An adolescent named Emmett Till was murdered and tortured by white supremacists that brought massive attention. This was caused by a young Emmett unaccustomed to the Jim Crow laws who was killed. This started a movement that sought to end an unjust system due to the accused prevailing. The second event described was the Montgomery bus boycott occurred with the succession of Rosa Parks refusing to give her seat to a white passenger. This led to her arrest and started the Women’s Political Council that would begin the boycotting of all buses for African-Americans. The third even was the beginning of Little Rock Central High School where black students tried to end segregation in the school.

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