Jane Eyre: A Feminist Look

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Women have been deemed inferior to the male sex since the start of civilization and to this day, women around the world are still held captive by the prison that society forces them into. Although society in first world countries has evolved since the time that Jane Eyre was written, it was a very different story from what it is now. Charlotte Bronte was a female writer in a white mans world and in order for her voice to be heard she had to create a pseudonym to be perceived as a serious author.

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In Jane Eyre, Bronte writes of a strong-willed woman growing up in 19th century England and how she deals with the inequalities and hardships of being an unmarried, working-class woman by the people with total control of their lives: the white men. Throughout the novel, there are issues of prejudice and emotional abuse within a marriage-obsessed society that present themselves and it is up to Jane to make the decisions that are going to benefit her in the long run.

The novel begins in Janes childhood and describes her time living with her aunt, Mrs. Reed, her cousins, and the workers of Gateshead Hall. The issues that are presented in this portion of the novel are of class differences. Jane is an orphan and has no money of her own because her parents did not leave her any. Even though she lives with her wealthy relatives, she is considered inferior to her family members which results to the constant mistreatment of her well being by her neglectful aunt and villainous cousin, John Reed. He bullied and punished me; not two or three times in a week, nor once or twice in a day, but continually. (4) Jane is being harmed by the only male in power. John Reed knows that he will inherit his family’s fortune thus becoming the patriarch of the family. This scene seems to infer that Mrs. Reed takes no notice to her dismay not only because Mrs. Reed does not really care about Jane but it perpetuates the idea that boys will be boys. As a child, Jane was notably more rebellious  than the children in her household. When she tried to defend herself from John Reed,

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