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Axia College Material Appendix B IT/260 Database Design Document Gift Shop Inventory Date Modified: 7-28-2010 Week:5 Part 1: Introduction (due Week Two) a) Application Summary I selected the Gift Shop Inventory application. b) Database Software I will use SQL 2008 Express Edition. This software closely resembles the software I use at work. I am familiar with the flexibility of this software. I am very comfortable in using SQL 2008. SQL is also one of the industry standard RDMS. c) Database Design Elements Prior to designing my database, I will have a clear understanding of the data. This will allow me to determine the purpose of the database. Once all information is gathered, I will divide this information into tables. Information will be properly placed into columns and I will set a primary key. Upon completion of table design, I will set the relationships between tables. I will refine my design and apply normalization rules to my design. Part 2: Database Design (due Week Three) ) Entities and Attributes Entities for this database application will include a Customer, Products, Orders, Sales Rep and Shipping table. The attributes for the following tables are as follows: Customers -Name, Address, City,State, Zip,Phone, Fax,Email Products – Product description, cost, amount in stock Orders – Order date, quantity purchased, price, tax, total amount, date shipped Shipping Information- ship date, ship method Sales Rep- Rep Name, rep ID b) Normalization Customer Table |Orders |Product |Shipping |Sales_Rep | | |Table |Table |Table | | |Cust_Num |Order_Num |Prod_Num |ShipID |RepID | |Last_Name |Cust_Num |Prod_Desc |Ship_Method |Rep_Last_Name | |First_Name |Prod_Num |Unit Cost |Order_Num |Rep_First_Name | |Address |Quantity |Quantity on Hand |Ship_Price |Rep_ Email | |City |Order_Date | |Ship Date | | |State |Price | | | | |Zip |Tax_Amount | | | | |Phone |Total_Cost | | | | |Fax |Ship_Date | | | | |Email |ShipID | | | | |RepID | | | | | Part 3: Relationships,

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