IT Professional Job Description

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My dream job is to become an IT professional to work with the great company Google. Advancements in the field of technology have changed the manner in which individuals undertake their day to day activities. Technology has changed the way people communicate as well as the style in which people travel from one place to another.

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One of the significant applications technology is in the workplace where computers are used to record, process and store data. Moreover, computer programs have been developed to help organizations in the management of their employees as well as other business partners and suppliers. It points out that technology has played a significant role in improving the efficiency and productivity of various business processes and activities, (Hauff & Gousios, 2015, May). I believe that as an IT professional, I will be in a better position to find useful and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the industry as well as the recurring human needs.

The nature of the work done by IT professionals involves the use of computer and other computer-based systems. The job, therefore, requires one to have skills in the software as well as hardware aspect of computers. It is also essential for the individual to be well conversant with the various languages used in the programming of computer software. A software engineer’s job varies according to the demands of the business or organization. The job description for an IT Engineer include the following;

  • Computer programming controls which are used to activate machinery in manufacturing industries.
  • Working with a business analyst to develop a project development plan.
  • Setting up new IT system.
  • Modifying IT systems already in use.
  • Building administrative and database systems for offices.
  • Writing documentation, developing code.
  • Programming a test model of a piece of software.
  • Testing the model for compatibility and installation problems.
  • Analyzing test results and fixing any technical problems that arise through the test.
  • Installing a complete version of the software and testing the software again before it is ready for use.
  • Testing and operating software once it is up and running.
  • Fixing any problems that arise with the software when it is in use.
  • Advising clients on the new software.

Compensation package and benefits package

IT professionals play a critical role in the organization as they are involved in the most of the organization processes that are undertaken through computer systems. Computer software engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems that enable computers to perform many applications. For this reason,

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