Issue Of Pover In Star Wars

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The movie, Star Wars, is about the struggle for control of the galaxy between the Rebels, representing the old Jedi Republic, and the Imperial Empire. The movie opens with a rebel space ship being stopped, boarded, and seized by Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire. Previously, the galaxy was a republic.

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After a war and now a little over a decade later, the Galactic Empire controls the galaxy and seeks to end the rebellion. In an early scene, you see Grand Moff Tarkin, commander of the Empire’s super-weapon, the Death Star, order the firing of a missile to destroy the supposed rebel base planet of Alderaan.

The International Relations concept best displayed in this scene would be realism. Realism is an idea in international relations that stresses competitiveness and the conflict for power. Someone who believes in realism would see nations and states, or in the case of Star Wars, galactic regimes, as actors in a production, concerned with their security in the grand scheme of things. Realpolitik would see a state acting in pursuit of their own national interest and having a great self interest in their struggle for power over an opposing state or political party. This destruction of Alderaan scene from Star Wars connects to the article Democratization and War by Edward D. Mansfield and Jack Snyder. In this article, the authors make a point to mention how Pushing nuclear-armed great powers like Russia or China toward democratization is like spinning a roulette wheel: many of the outcomes are undesirable. (Foreign Affairs pg. 80).

Here the authors are referring to the long standing American ideal of pushing democracy,

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