Is The Berlin Wall A German National Symbol?

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The Berlin Wall was a physical symbol of the difference between the West and East Berliner. This physical border became a border of culture that divided social contexts and expressive forms. Communities along borders in all different places and countries are constantly defined and redefined by the changes in borders, finding an identity is difficult for people who live in these areas.

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How did the wall change the traditions for these two separate Berlins? How did this wall affect the sense of home for the East and West Berliners? How did this wall change and affect these peoples identity? I have found interviews and accounts from Berliners who remember the building of the wall, Berliners who lived close to the wall, Berliners who grew up during this time and especially remember a divided Berlin and some refugees who had escaped to the West Berlin side from East Berlin.

Before beginning with the separation and difference in these two Berlins, we must look at Germany as a whole. Starting with what Mary Beth Stein, (PhD) calls the German problem. The German national identity has been said to show feelings of inferiority, in which was seen to cause extreme nationalistic motives which ultimately brought about the creation of the German Reich, the need to show the world that the German nationality was of value. Germany was in a tough position after 1945, not only because of the events leading up to the wall, but mostly because of the extreme German nationalism which caused World War Two that ended up being extreme misfortune for Germany,

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