Is Same Sex Marriage Morally Right

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When you look at a family portrait, what do you see? You see your parents, your siblings (if you have any), and yourself. There is nothing wrong with that, but let’s be more specific. Your parents are both the same gender.

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Does that change anything? Do you feel disgusted and/or sorry for them? Do you feel that the generation is now be threatened? For example, will there be a generation if everyone is ‘gay’ and can not reproduce? However you feel about this topic, you need to have the facts to back you up or your argument will be invalid. This essay will explain why same-sex marriage is morally right and why.

First we must know the definition of Same-Sex marriage. Same-Sex marriage is the marriage, in the full legal sense, of gay and lesbian couples. So, should homosexual should be permitted to enter legally sanctioned marriage? ( Vaughn 429) In 1996, the Defense of Marriage Act was passed which recognize same-sex marriages but allowed the states to choose if gay and lesbian marriages. In 2013, a federal judge and the Supreme Court threw this act away.

Same-sex marriage is something that will change how marriages are seen in the old days but, this is nothing new. Marriages has changed over the centuries. For example:

“The Court did not view marriage as an unchanging or fixed institution, rather: The history of marriage is one of both continuity and change … [it] has evolved over time. The Court viewed the evolution from arranged marriage to marriage by choice as reflecting the understanding of marriage as a voluntary contract. The abandonment of the doctrine of coverture, which treated a married man and woman as a single male-dominated legal entity, was seen as reflecting a change in the status of women.”(HERMANN 373)

This is proof that marriages changes over the years. Also there are different types of marriages. Depending on your religion or region you were born there are traditions you do in those types of marriages. In a traditional wedding these days the bride wears white to symbolize purity. Before Queen Victoria in the 19th century, the favored color for the bride’s dress were red. If marriages can change back then, why can they not change now. In this time period, everything is different and has some way evolved from what it was.

Sexual orientation and gender identity has progressed throughout the years and now is letting itself known. Now it is going back to what the people want and knowing that everyone is different. Different people need different things. People need to listen to others and not just jump at each other throats when it comes to an issue. Everyone needs to try to get an understanding for one another.

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