Is Salem Witch Trials A Joke?

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Many people would have thought the Salem witch trials was a joke I once believe that till I got into history class. The Salem witch trials didn’t just started there they had began in new England saying that people had been bewitched dozens had been accused of practicing witchcraft while 3 were actually executed due to these accusations. Many journalist have came to the conclusion that this was all for simple jealousy, money, teenage drama or them just basically being bored they just ran with the idea which costed many people not only their lives but, money as well by children acting on the tales around them made as much as the role of the adults who were actually imprisoning people and executing them.

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Also, a lot of victims went without trial even though they may have been innocent they never got the chance. It had been said multiple times that an economically change had occur which happen to started a conflict because, no one knew what could possible happen it became a quiet war over money. The Salem witch trials were about practicing witchcraft which at the time religion played a major role in the community. It seems as a punsse scam towards widow woman with major pieces of land, because it caused a lack of resources it begined to become a problem for those who depended on this for an excess of income. The prime minister at the time became very greedy of money and land at the time so as good christians they wanted to please their minster by the minster being greedy he pushed his beliefs on them to believe those that it was the devils work even though, many thought it was a lie. The time was 1692 and 1693,at the time 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft and 20 people were executed for doing supposedly practicing witchcraft which were primarily women .

As we all know masschettes was heavily filled with many christians which believe that people who practice could harm them in a way. Furthermore, the accusations didn’t just stop there in 1692 the revender daughter, and her friends acted in an usually,peculiar way yelling and shouting acting as if they had been possessed by a demon or dark magic. Which they were told by a local doctor,

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