Is Patriotism Good or Bad?

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This book talks about an array of subtopics pertaining to war. Being a veteran war correspondent, the author has witnessed many atrocities and has photographed it as well. He speaks upon the dangers of war some of which include upon corrupt politics, destroying culture, and riding of basic human desires and rights. This ties in with the harms of patriotism, making people blind to the real truth of war.

Parker addresses the importance that patriotism plays in predicting political attitudes and preferences. He states that it is a complex subject and not easy to understand, nor fully comprehend as it is still unresolved. He does go into explaining the difference between blind patriotism and symbolic patriotism. Symbolic representing something abstract, being attached to the nation by its core values. Whereas, blind patriotism is more concrete, having uncritical support for the country’s practices and policies it has in place. They may be different, but the outcome for both are relatively the same. The article goes into depth with this discussion.

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I originally began my research paper as being the harms of patriotism, but the more I researched, the more it contradicted itself. This article shows the importance of patriotism in law, the different roles it plays, and the multiple areas of patriotism there really is. It isn’t all about supporting a country at war with another country, but it plays a vital role in believing certain laws can change, upholding democratic politics, and proper representation throughout. This article touches on these areas as well. The article mostly focuses on patriotism being properly understood by students at law school, to understand it being essential for upholding an American democracy and creating change within.

This article takes a different stance on patriotism. The author discusses what she believes is true, patriotism being good for our country but for one specific reason one may not agree with. She states that we have gone away too far from the “ideals and truths” that founded this country. Now, the rest of the article she speaks upon war veterans, troops, and basically anything pertaining to war. She then finishes by attempting to get the reader to join her in celebrating past war heroes and current soldiers.

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